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To renew and maintain interest in Old Hall stainless steel tableware.


Meetings, special events, 6-monthly newsletters, catalogues and memorabilia, circulation of the club’s and members’ sales lists, contact between members, information and advice on all aspects of Old Hall, etc, etc.  The front page of the latest Newsletter is available to view online.

Sources of Old Hall

Members’ Sales Lists of Old Hall items are supplied with your membership pack and The Old Hall Club itself always has a range of items available.  You can register any specific requirements you may have with the club and we will do our best to obtain these for you.

Repairs and Repolishing

A wide variety of repairs and repolishing can be undertaken, all carried out by ex-Old Hall personnel.

Talks on ‘The Old Hall Story’

Nigel Wiggin is always delighted to give talks on “The Old Hall Story”, which include him bringing along the world’s very first stainless steel teapot (1930) and identifying/valuing any of your Old Hall items.  Click here for more information.

Robert Welch

Members can request to be included on the mailing list from the Robert Welch Studio Shop in Chipping Campden.

If you would like to join The Old Hall Club, the annual membership fee is 12.00 (UK) or 18.00 (Rest of the World).  You can either apply online or download an application form and send this in the post.  The application form is in PDF format so you may need to download a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.  Payment can either be via cheque / postal order or via BACS.

Payments by cheque / postal order should be made payable to “The Old Hall Club” and sent to the address shown on the Contact Us page.  Please enclose your name, address and telephone number with your payment.

If you prefer to pay by BACS, please let us know and we will send you the details.

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