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Robert Welch

Robert Welch was appointed by Old Hall as consultant designer in 1955 and soon made his presence felt by Council of Design Centre awards in 1958, 1962 and 1965 for, respectively, a toast rack, a collection of dishes and a range of cutlery.  The Robert Welch company has been established over 50 years and new designs are constantly being introduced.  These can be found on the Robert Welch website and in the shops at Chipping Campden (see picture on right) and Bath.

Robert Welch shop in Chipping Campden
Court Barn in Chipping Campden

Court Barn - Chipping Campden

Court Barn is a museum of craft and design in Chipping Campden and celebrates the skill of those from the local area who contributed to the Arts and Crafts movement from the early twentieth century to present day.  The museum has a permanent exhibition of the work of Robert Welch and includes several items of Old Hall on display - well worth a visit if you are in the area.  More information can be found on the museum website.

Vintage Retro Stainless Steel

See some rare and unusual items of Old Hall on the Vintage Retro website.

Click here for information on Old Hall items cared for by the Walsall Museums Service

Black Country History - Walsall Museums Service

The Walsall Museums Service cares for a number of Old Hall items as part of their Black Country History collection.   Click the link for more information.

Example of a picture from Terry Wallace

Terry Wallis’ pictures

Terry Wallis has uploaded some superb photos of Old Hall.   Click this link for more information.

Shelley Sunrise and Tall Trees, Queen Anne shape Sandwich Set in an Old Hall Bodiam Stand 1932

The Shelley Group

The Shelley Group collectors club has almost 300 members in the UK with sister clubs in Australia, New Zealand and America.  It offers members regional meetings, an annual weekend conference with illustrated talks and displays of Shelley china and a quarterly coloured magazine.  Information, help and advice is also provided via the Group's web site.  The range of china and earthenware produced by Shelley (formerly known as Wileman) is vast and during the 1930s Old Hall worked with Shelley to produce stylish stands and holders for a range of products.  For more information and to join, visit the Shelley Group website.



Club member Dave Darwent of Sheffield has lots of interests in addition to Old Hall and he would specially welcome you at one of his Garden Open Days when you will be served tea out of a Connaught teapot!  Find out more by visiting Dave’s website.


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